How It Works

Here at ebloggers we provide a premium door-to-door service that ensures all our items are looked after, so that both blogger and buyer are happy. Here's how it works:

1. Sourcing Pre-loved Items

ebloggers currently operates a weekly collection zone that covers London and neighbouring areas. Ebloggers are happy to discuss collection from anywhere in the UK. For all approved bloggers, they simply notify us when they have 30 or more items to sell, and we send out a collection sack to fill. When ready, a member of our team will collect the items.

For all approved bloggers currently based outside of our collection zone, they can list select high-end items for the ebloggers site by uploading pictures and information about their items, which we will verify before listing.

2. Listing on ebloggers

Upon receiving new items, we inspect each one carefully and prime them for sale. We take photographs of each item, researching and listing them as accurately as possible before adding them to the blogger’s collection. We store all items sent to us securely, until they are sold.

All items independently uploaded will be checked and verified before being listed on our site. We ensure all items on the ebloggers site are of an excellent standard and are priced accordingly.

3. Sales & Payment

Once an item has been purchased from the site, our sales commission and the agreed charity donation are deducted and the rest goes directly to the blogger who previously owned it. 

Payments to bloggers are made once a month, with a monthly statement including a breakdown of charitable donations for tax records.

4. Shipping

For all sold items, we will carefully wrap them using recyclable packaging and ship them to their new owner.

For items independently uploaded, it is the blogger's responsibility to send the item out promptly and securely to its new owner.

5. Customer Care

We are happy to answer any questions buyers may have throughout the sales process – please visit our contact page.

On the rare occasion a customer is unsatisfied with their product, we accept returns – please refer to our returns policy.